Thursday, January 12, 2012


I'm a Freak! And I Love Dolls!

I received a long, nasty email today from a pot smoker who said, among other things, that I am a freak.

"You look at everyone that smokes pot as a freak, but really lady YOU are the freak," he said. "You and your husband both, with your blatant sobriety and your voluminous doll collection."

Ha! I get such a kick out of these things--pot smokers who think that I think that anybody who smokes pot is a "freak", and then he honestly believes anybody who doesn't smoke pot and/or drink alcohol is a wacko. He told me he smokes pot every day and will defend it forever.

Anyway, if he thinks I have a "voluminous" doll collection by just what I've posted here on my blog and videos, he'd be shocked if he knew just how many dolls I have! There are literally thousands! Most are packed away, of course (I wish I had room to display them all!). But it astounds me that I show just a few of my dolls online and people think that I have this HUGE collection. What I've shown is just a drop in the bucket.

In any case, I shall continue showing some dolls here on my blog. Surprisingly, according to my "stats" page, I get alot of traffic from people online looking for doll photos and information--especially reborn baby dolls! So here is a picture of my reborn baby Becky in her new tu-tu that she got for Christmas! Isn't she adorable?