Saturday, January 14, 2012


Speaking of cats, this is a blog I originally posted in 2010 about Brisco, the award-winning cat. I had it on my old Yahoo "Pulse" blog which they have discontinued, so I thought I'd post it again here:

He won! He won! Well, not first prize, but my kitty picture won second place in a photography contest!

The photo above shows my entry on exhibit at a local county fair last week, among 50 some other cat pictures. I was so hoping it would win a ribbon—any ribbon—just so I could call Brisco my “award-winning cat”. And now I can! Woo hoo! I took the picture in April 2009, before we had even decided to adopt him. He didn’t even have a name yet—I had labeled the picture “gray kitten” You may recall that we found him and his siblings under our deck when they were only a few weeks old, born to a neighborhood stray. We kept Brisco and his brother Bowler (their sister was snatched by someone else in the neighborhood, grrr). I used to play with those kittens for hours outside, waiting until the day they were old enough to take away from their mother and bring inside for good. Brisco loved batting at yarn, and I snapped this during one of his playful moments. What a cutie he was, posing so nicely!

I had never entered a photo before, but decided to take a chance and submit this one. Besides the ribbon, I won five whole dollars. Of course we spent more on that for gas driving back and forth to submit it, attend the fair, and then actually pick up the prize money and ribbon. And then there was the cost of ink and photo paper for printing it up…not to mention the $3 bottle of water (well I ran out of my own and was thirsty!). Oh well, I wasn’t in it for the money—I was in it for the fame and glory. I’ve never won a ribbon before! Next year I’ll have to enter one of Bowler or of the two of them together, so that hopefully my other cat can have his 15minutes of fame.