Sunday, December 18, 2011



So I signed into Yahoo to check email and there was a big head shot photo of actress Sandra Bullock and a story about some pantsuit she wore that was supposed to “wow” everyone. I don’t know why, but I clicked on it. That was my first mistake. Of course she was wearing THIS (see photo above). I couldn’t believe how low cut it was! Or did she forget to wear a blouse under that jacket?? I would NEVER wear something like that, and neither would my friends! Whatever happened to MODESTY? My friends would be appalled if their daughters grew up to dress like that!

Well you’d think most everybody would agree with me, right? No. Not on the Internet. Well actually there were a FEW women on there who shared my views, but they were very few and far between. Besides the usual crude comments from guys, such as “I’d hit that” or graphic descriptions of what they’d like to do to her body, almost EVERYBODY was raving about how “hot” she looked, how “classy” she is, what an “inspiration” she is and how she’s a “good role-model for all the young girls out there.” I was absolutely stunned. Men and women alike, praising her! You’d think at least the WOMEN would be as disgusted as I was! But for the most part, that was not the case at all.

So of course I went into my “What is WRONG with you people???” diatribe, posting numerous comments and replies trying to help people understand why we should NOT consider a woman who wears something like this “classy” or a “role model”! One guy even said she had that “girl-next-door look.” Since when does the girl next door walk out of her house wearing something like THAT??? Where I live, you’d be arrested for public indecency! Or at least there would be a lot of “talk” amongst the neighbors!

Seriously, if I wore that jacket, I’d feel like I was in one of those “oh no I’m in public and I’m naked” nightmares. I can’t imagine where I’d even wear it! I never do, but let’s say I went to the fanciest restaurant in town, or even in the big city of Chicago, and walked in dressed in a jacket cut down to my stomach. I’d receive stares like you wouldn’t believe. I have NEVER seen anyone around here or in my entire life wear such an ensemble.

But that’s the thing about these show-biz types. I was ranting about this Sandra story to my husband and he said that all these Hollywood people are nuts, and the people who REPORT on them are nuts, and so the general population buys into this and thinks that wearing outfits like hers is the way to go, that this is what’s “sexy.” Sad, I know. To think that young girls would want to emulate this, and with their parents’ support, even! And what gets me is that several years ago I had written a nice, long, sincere blog article about modesty. Obviously none of these people read it!!! Harumph!! I should repost it here since it was on my Yahoo blog which they discontinued. (Then nobody can read it here, either.)

Actually there were those who did complain about the pantsuit—not about how low cut it was, but about things like the shoulder pads or the length of her pants! I was like, “Are you kidding me??? THAT’S what you noticed about this outfit?? Didn’t you see how revealing the top is?? Who cares about her shoulder pads or how long the pants are?? Why don’t support me in speaking up about this low-cut outfit and how women who dress like this set us back 100 years?? Why do I have to be the only one??”

But it never failed; no sooner would I make a comment which I thought would make everybody “see the light”, ten more people would come on that board saying that she was a good role model and classy, etc. So infuriating!! It was such a fast-moving board and I couldn’t keep up, so most of my comments were quickly buried. A few people did see them, though. Like the person who called me “uptight and repressed” and said I sounded like a church lady.

And then there were the endless observations about her ex-husband, such as “how could Jesse James cheat on her?? What a loser he is!” etc. Well did anyone stop to think that maybe it’s because of HER?? I told these people, “What kind of man is a woman going to attract when she wears outfits like that?? Of course she’s going to attract loser guys!” And how do these people even know who Jesse James is? I remember when I first heard of this guy months ago, through a Yahoo headline. And I actually thought it was about the legendary outlaw! I thought, “Oh neat! Maybe they’ve uncovered some new historical finds! I’m going to read this and educate myself!” So imagine my surprise when I learned that it was about some tattooed actor.

And on that message board they all said things about how much they admire Sandra, how she’s their favorite actress, etc. How do they even know so much about her? I have NEVER seen any of her movies, and I don’t even know what she’s been in! I may have caught a glimpse of her once or twice on Letterman or something, but that’s the extent of my knowledge. I never even thought about her before this, but now, thanks to that horrible forum, I’m going to fume every time I see her name.

Also, I stressed on that board that I was not putting down Sandra as a person, I was just commenting on the outfit she was wearing in that picture. I said that I know next to nothing about her or her ex-husband, and had never seen her movies. And then people were talking about what a good mother she is, and how her son is lucky to have her as a mother, etc. That set me off again. “She’s a MOTHER??? And yet she dresses like THIS???? That is TERRIBLE!!! She should know better! My mother would NEVER have worn such a low cut outfit! She was a LADY! How can you people say that a good mother would wear such a revealing top?? What is WRONG with you people???” And so on.

Well anyway, I was planning to make all my blogs this week about Christmas, sort of a “Cindybin’s Countdown to Christmas” thing. But now with this Sandra Bullock rant, there goes my idea. Drat. But wait—maybe I can still save this theme by making it Christmas-related somehow. Okay, how’s this: “To Sandra Bullock, wherever you are, I wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!” (Oh, and put some clothes on!)