Sunday, December 18, 2011


Here are some good Christmas tips for the holiday season. Too bad they’re from 1984! (Maybe I should get some updated magazines!)

“Instead of trying to guess exactly which record album or jeans your teenagers have their hearts set on, give them a “good for”—a note (illustrated if you want) announcing what they may purchase.”

“Type the names and addresses from your card list onto a large sheet of peel-off labels (sold in stationery stores) so you won’t have to hand-address every envelope. I find this give me more time to write personal notes on the cards. If you make a photocopy of each typed sheet of labels, you can use it to jot down any address changes you learn of during the year; next Christmas you’ll have an up-to-date list to work from.”

“Video-cassette recorders are growing more popular, especially as the list of movies you can rent to show on them grows longer and longer. If friends or relatives on your gift list have recently bought a VCR, why not give them a gift certificate to a video store? They can use it for blank tapes or to buy or rent movies. Or you can give them a membership in a video club; most stores offer members a discount on rentals. You can even treat your friends (or yourself) to a rented recorder—the cost is reasonable and hooking it up to a TV is simple.”