Sunday, December 04, 2011


Here are some more pictures to show how a person's weight can change through the decades. The first was taken in 1975 when I was 18. As you can see I was very thin, and this was after years of trying to gain weight. My mother would take me to the local drive-in every night where I'd have a big chocolate shake. My grandma often made chocolate chip cookies for me, and when I was old enough I made them myself. I'd eat big plates of Minute Rice slathered in butter, and cake, candy, and pop, roast and potatoes and gravy. Yet this is what I looked like. I was thinner than a 98-pound weakling!

The next picture shows me ten years later, in 1985. As you can see I had filled out a little and was pretty happy with my figure. I could eat anything I wanted, even after having two kids. I remember those pink pants; I could easily get them zipped up and buttoned around my waist, and still sit down comfortably, even! I had to donate those pants to charity LONG ago.

The next picture is from 1995 at age 38. Oh the horror. And I was exercising a lot and TRYING to lose weight then, too!

Finally there I am in 2005 at age 48, after doing the low carb program Somersize for several years.

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