Tuesday, December 20, 2011


Sometimes its so fun to look back on past holidays in your life. Now that all of my childhood photos and most of our family photos have been scanned, it's easy to retrieve them digitally, especially since they are sorted by year and month (and even day if we know it!).

Here is baby Cindybin's first Christmas, back in the late 1950's. I looked like I was having a good time with Santa! Look at the jolly smiles on our faces!

The other photo is from Christmas 1990 at the in-law's. It's interesting to pick out little details and see exactly what was going on and how our lives were back then, over 20 years ago! Such hustle and bustle as we women prepared the holiday meal. Usually there were kids running through the kitchen as well. As you can see I'm taking rolls off a tray to put them on a platter and take to the dining room table. I didn't think anything of eating white flour then! I see there is a box of "Equal" on the table. I know I didn't use it; I think the other ladies must have put that in their coffee or something.

Stay tuned for more Christmas past and present! (Well, not TOO present!)