Sunday, December 11, 2011


Bowler: “Ah, time for our nap. Doesn’t it feel good to settle down on our nice, soft quilt and snooze for the rest of the afternoon?”

Brisco: “It sure does. Uh oh, here comes Mommy with some kind of Christmas outfit—I think she uses it on her ‘reborn baby doll’ or something.”

Bowler: “Oh no. I suppose she’ll want US to wear it. It’s bad enough she got us ‘fixed’, but do we have to wear those sissy outfits too? Remember when she tried to put us in the Santa dress and Christmas tree outfit for her dog purses? And now this! Great, she’s got the hat on me, and the little dress on BOTH of us. You make a run for it while you can. Save yourself!”

Brisco: “Too late—the hat is on me now. At least she took the dress off.”

Awhile later:

Bowler and Brisco: “Now what has she done to us? Oh well, we’re too tired to care. Zzzzz…..”