Sunday, December 18, 2011



You just don’t see entertainment like this on TV anymore.

We watched a PBS special last night on the best of the Andy Williams Christmas shows. It was so good! Actually I’d seen it before about ten years ago, but it was worthy of another viewing. There were lots of clips from the old holiday specials, along with interviews with Andy himself, as well as his younger son Bobby. Donny Osmond also added his thoughts and memories of singing on those shows with his brothers.

I used to watch his weekly variety show while growing up in the 60’s. But the Christmas shows were always the best, because he had his brothers and his wife and children on. They were just the ideal family to me. It’s too bad Andy and Claudine eventually split up. (And of course then she was involved in that whole murder thing, but that’s another story…)

But I really did enjoy watching that PBS special. It was so wholesome and family-friendly. All the dancers were modestly dressed, and the songs were beautiful. Andy has such a beautiful voice. I could listen to anything that man sings. It could be the lamest or most boring song, and I don’t even fast forward. And then when it was done, we were flipping through the channels and came across Telemundo, where a scantily-clad woman was dancing very suggestively, to put it mildly. I wonder if she has even heard of Andy Williams??

Here are two clips from the Christmas shows: one is Andy singing the classic “It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year”, which I always have to hear each season. It just isn’t Christmas without it! The other features the Williams Brothers and the Osmond Brothers together. They put on quite a show! Andy is the youngest brother and at 84 years old is still performing. I did some research online and from what I can tell, the oldest passed away in 2003 but the others are still alive. Try to watch these if you can. After all, where else can you hear lyrics like “He’ll be coming down the chimney down!” and “Mi oh my it’s a holiday…Mi oh my, everybody’s gay!”

Most Wonderful Time of the Year:

Williams Brothers and Osmond Brothers:

[Update September 26, 2012: Just heard of Andy's death, may he rest in peace.]