Saturday, July 16, 2011



Alright kids, here's another classic scene from Married With Children! It's from when Peggy was pregnant with her third child (who never appeared) and Bud and Kelly were feeling a bit left out.

Bud and Kelly walk over to Peg and Bud gives her a list.

BUD) Hey, Mom, we made the list.

MARCY) Oh, that's a good idea, I'll make Jefferson make one for me. What kind of list is it?

PEGGY) Well, see, I'm going to be the best mother in the world to my new baby, so I asked the kids to make a list of everything they never had, so I'll know everything to do for my little [in a soppy voice] precious-wecious! Although I can't really imagine what they'd put on this list, they had everything they could possible want as babies. But let's see what they thought they didn't have. [reads the list] "Milk; immunity vaccinations; love." Oh, you scamps! "Redding blicks"?

KELLY) That's "reading blocks." I wrote that.

PEGGY) Well, I think that's a good idea. Bud, why don't you be in charge of helping the baby with those. Thanks, kids.

BUD) Mom, you're just kidding that this kid's going to get all the stuff we never had, I mean, you're still going to love us all the same, right?

PEGGY) Oh, well, of course I will! We were a family before the baby and we'll be a family after the baby. Now you're sucking up all the baby's air, go sit with your father.